Amazing trip in a fragile paradise

We booked a three day privat trip on a wooden boat called „blue eyes 3“ by the company Flores Excursion Tour. It was expensive for us but every rupia worth.

In this three days we have seen Rinca Island, Padar Island, Komodo Island and many small islands with beautiful beaches. The Komodo dragons are very impressive and the hikings on the islands were very nice.
As well we have done some great snorkeling trips. We have seen a huge manta ray, some blue spotted rays, some nice turtles, a large stonefish sleeping, a swimming octopus, a baby shark and many other things. There are as well beautiful corals in a very good condition on many areas. The time has been runing very fast and it was an experience we will never forget. Thank you to everyone, who enabled us our trip.
Especially very much thank you to our guide Enki. For every wish we had he found a very well solution. He took care about us and adaptet the programm if necessary. Thanks as well to the shipcrew and the chef. They were all very kind and helped us in many situations.

In our opinion the trip was almost perfect. But something (which has no direct relation to Flores Excursion Tour) made us thoughtful. On some spots in the water or at the beach we saw some tourists and some guides standing on corals or distroying them with their fins, feeding and touching wild animals and throwing their plastic waste in the sea. A coral needs a year to grow a centimeter. A tourist needs just seconds to destroy the grow of 50 or 100 years. To some of them we ask to stop this things. But it is a never ending story. A great wish of us would be to save this rich natural paradise. Maybe one improvment would be to do a proper briefing at the start of the boat trips for all of the tourists. For example with the following rules:
* Never feed wild animal (sea and land), their are wild living animals and should stay wild.
* Never touch anything under water. The corals are very fragile and the animals can be dangerous
* Take all your waste back to the boat to save the ocean from the rubish.
We are sure if all guides from all companies would explain this rules on the beginning of a boat trip the great part of the tourists would understand and try to hold on it. It needs just a small effort tondo this. Please do more to save this fragile paradise for the next generations and not only for the next salary.

Thanks again for a amazing and unforgettable trip

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