Flores Island

Flores island is part of Indonesia’s Eastern Islands (Nusa Tenggara Timur).  It stretches snake like between the longitudes of 118°–125° E, and between the latitudes of 8°–11° S. The fascinating, strikingly beautiful island is blessed with plenty of natural attractions. There are white sandy beaches and deserted islands, soft-shaped hilly landscapes with beautiful rice field vistas, interspersed with mountainous areas. The island’s distinct rugged landscape with its complex V-shaped valleys and knife-edged ridges was formed by an impressive, young volcanic mountain range which spans over its approximately 400km length. Fourteen of the volcanoes are still active; others, like famous Mount Kelimutu in the Ende district, are extinct but nonetheless impressive with their crater lakes and calderas. Until not so long ago, this challenging terrain was hardly penetrable – a fact that contributed to the preservation of Flores’ extraordinary cultural diversity.

Flores can be visited all year around. Be aware, though, that the access to some of the mainland attractions during the rainy season (December – February) may be quite challenging or even impossible. Due to elevated sea levels, diving may also be restricted to certain sites. Today ,western flores is in the midst of a tourism boom .more visitors than ever are venturing to Labuan Bajo to explore Komodo and Rinca islands and labuan bajo ,now have many luxury  accomodation and standar hotel for traveler who came in labuan bajo specially on flores island .


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