We contacted with Yosef a few months before to reserve our tour. The communication was clear and perfect. He send us photos of the boat and the tours detail.
We were two families of seven people in total, 4 parents and 3 teens. We booked a trip for 4 days / 3 night and we enjoyed every bit of this trip.
We flew from Bali to LabuanBajo we arrived in the morning at Komodo Airport on the day that the tour started.
There was our guide waiting at the airport with my name on a piece of paper and he took us to the harbour where a small boat would bring us to the larger boat that departed Labuanbajo
The tour was well organized and corresponded to our expectations.
The boat was nice and clean and had everything we need. comfortable beds
The boat was really nice and very comfortable.
The food on the boat was fantastic, tasty and plentiful with Indonesian food provided. Fish was especially tasty. The dining area is a booth that seats 10.
The cabins very comfortable and bathrooms were clean with good shower.
The captain, the crew and the cook were overall very professional, very friendly and super helpful and not to forget the apprentice was awesome
IRENE was the best guide ever for our trip and he took some amazing photos for us and kept us laughing all day, Attentive, informative with excellent English. His attention to detail and making sure we all enjoyed ourselves was really great! He contributed a lot to the nice atmosphere during the trip and He took great care of every single one of us!
IRENE took us snorkelling in some amazing places and ours families always felt safe with him and the support boat in close proximity.
Can’t thank him enough for being so wonderful.
You are VERY LUCKY if you have IRENE as your tour guides! He knows a lot about the wild- and sea life
Everything was really well organized, and safety was taken seriously
The itinerary is very well scheduled and we arrived always in time for the activities. We had plenty of time for the trekking, preparing for the snorkeling and relaxing on the boat while heading to the next destination.
We went to the most gorgeous beaches, saw komodo dragons, snorkeling, trekking…
One of the best part was the flying fox island at sunset. Boats wait near the island for birds (bats) to fly for food immediately after the sunset. Flight started with a few birds, then a few hundreds, then thousands flying from a small island. That was a really great sight.
The snorkelling here is simply amazing as the coral reefs are filled with colourful and pretty fish of all manner.
A trip to the islands of Flores Sea is a must for any trip to Indonesia. Loved this experience! It’s an absolute must do ! one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited
I can only spend words of great praise for this agency, IRENE, the crew. It has been a fantastic trip for 4days/3nights, wonderful places and amazing people.
We will cherish these memories forever!!!! Perfect organisation and excellent service.

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